iBend Pipe

iBend Pipe
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iBend Pipe saves you time and pipe. Helping you bend it right – the first time.

If you are an electrician that needs to make fast accurate conduit bends, this is the app you have been waiting for.

Enter values quickly by using sliders.

Forget about converting your values to decimals, use fractions instead. METRIC is NOT currently supported.

•Calculate conduit bend marks for a kicked 90 ****NEW FEATURE****

•Calculate conduit bend marks for an offset, by entering height and bend angle.

•Calculate conduit bend marks for a rolled offset, by entering the rise and roll of your offset.

•Calculate conduit bend marks for a three bend saddle, by entering saddle height and choosing bend angles.

•Calculate the adjustment for the starting point of an offset to make your offsets parallel.

•Calculate conduit bend marks for a compound 90 to avoid a round, square or rectangular object in a corner.

•Calculate conduit bend marks for a segmented 90.

•Calculate conduit bend marks for 90 stub up.

•Ability to edit the deducts/take-up for different size pipe.

Additional conduit bending calculations will be added in upcoming updates.