Ррр мой логопед. Говорим правильно звуки Р, Рь.

Ррр мой логопед. Говорим правильно звуки Р, Рь.
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Teach Yourself Russian sounds P and Pb. Developed by practicing speech therapists.
correction of speech in preschool children and adults.
Prevention of lisping in children from 3 years.

Before you go to a speech therapist, try to learn for yourself!

Home speech therapy:
– Learn to say
– Practice phonemic hearing for spelling at school
– to correct the mistake in agreeing words
– will show the letters merge into syllables when reading.

Private lesson # logopedMoskva from 1200 rubles. It takes 5 or more sessions.
Think for yourself, decide for yourself!

You can get a refund if the application be compatible with your device. It's easy! https://support.google.com/chrome_webstore/answer/1060830?hl=ru

• Show all the stages of work with the sound of P!
(Articulation exercises, performances, securing an isolated sound, automation in syllables, words, tongue twisters and free speech, the differentiation of P and L).
• 100-word-pictures for practicing sound
• 15 speech therapy games
• Children's voice
• clear video instructions
• Dictaphone
• Bonus: learning to read by syllables
• speech therapist emergency call on Skype.

a huge number of exercises for articulation, speech therapy games and a variety of techniques available in the world today. Parent-layman easy to get lost in this abundance of information!

We chose the most optimal exercise, arranged them in a strict sequence, take into account the nuances of the child's mind and especially to overcome the defect.
The purpose of this speech therapy applications – work on the result!

Evelin DuFast, 3 February. 2017
Applications are very good !! His eldest daughter, with this program she delivered in 2 weeks the letter "p". Prior to that, how many tried nothing worked. Thank you very much for developers !!!
Oksana K, January 4.
Bought all three on the advice of a friend of the program, she oooooochchchcheeeennnn praised. Now I understand.

Learn how to contact other sounds:
"We speak W, M properly"
"We say L, Al's right."

Manual "speak properly" used effectively in the classroom with the child. This is your home therapist and a tool for the job. On the example of fun games you will be able to explain what the word "fly" there is no sound p, and "forty" – ie, that the word "cheese", he stands at the end.

We would like to draw your attention to some nuances.
Tongue Twisters can not remedy the defect of pronunciation. They serve to train the correct pronunciation of pure sound. If the sound is pronounced correctly, the only defect patters fixed.
When a child can not utter a sound, we are conducting a speech therapist? – Not to the speaker and not on acting classes?
The same situation is with teaching applications. ;))

In these speech therapy lessons using classic methods, it is the same for the correction rhotacism in children and adults. Material filed in the children format.
Sound P and P are mild and correlate with the letter P on the methodology of elementary education.
Like # tutorial can be used for diagnosis dyslalia, OHP III.
For other diagnoses voice application will be a good helper, diversify and increase the effectiveness of training a speech therapist, a child to engage in zamotiviruet.

When the appearance. problems with the app please contact support mob.logoped@gmail.com Describe what your device and your problem.
*** If you for some reason can not buy the paid version, write in support mob.logoped@gmail.com, will send you a promo code for free installation. ***

Video tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gqbb2kccj60

Good luck!
Natalia Sarychev
speech therapist, publisher

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