Scale Mania

Scale Mania
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Scalemania. This game was developed by a musician and a tutor, its purpose is to be of assistance when studying major and minor keys. This game is aimed at eliminating wrong notes and preventing them from reaching the piano. Every new level is a new scale: the game contains all major and minor scales, 25 levels all in all. There is a chance that we will add a Mixolydian scale and a Dorian minor in the future. Students frequently experience a specific problem: they know scale notes when they follow one another, but if the sequence of notes is changed, students get confused. This game will help students to get a hang of the scale even if the notes are not in order. Surely, this game will not substitute your practicing with the instrument, it’s just one more exercise to help you. Scalemania will undoubtedly be helpful for students, but it can also be used by teachers in class to perform a small test on knowing a certain scale. Check our page: