Single Stop KLWP Preset

Single Stop KLWP Preset
Google Play

WARNING: If this app does not come from Google Play, then there is a higher likelihood of it being tampered with or infected. I wont be responsible for any loss of your personal data if you are downloading this preset from unreliable sources.

Please note this is not a standalone app. You must have KLWP Pro.

A single stop solution for everything you need.
1) Beautiful Design created for one hand use.
2) Short information cards on top.
3) Folder with your favorite apps.
4) Notification animation for calls, messages and emails with their respective unread count badges.
5) Quick toggles.
6) Battery graph to know consumption of your battery in past few hours.
7) Map with marker to your current location. It also has zoom in and zoom out buttons.
8) Simple and smooth music controls along with album art, music progress and music animation.