Call Recorder

Call Recorder

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Record the desired phone call and choose which call you want to keep.
Call Recorder is simple to use and is hidden behind a clever intuitive user interface.

► Call Recorder Features
✓ Auto Call Log: Save all calls automatically
✓ Use Sonic to increase volume during recording
✓ Save list calls and categories to them: All calls, Incoming calls, Outgoing calls and Favorite calls. Listen to them on the application. You can mark them as deleteable, like your favorite calls …
✓ Automatically update the person on the phone
✓ There are no ads in the App
✓ Allow users to exclude certain contacts from the exclusion list -> this application will not record
✓ Allow user custom record when user has incoming or outgoing call, meaning user can or can not record selection
✓ Lock screen: Support lock screen
✓ Using the noisiness in android to reduce noise
✓ Recorded voice can use clear built-in application to play clear tones, e-mail, WhatsApp or other ways to export your saved calls to your SD card easily;

► Note: It is a criminal offense to record phone calls outside the information of the other party. Call Recorder producers can not be held responsible for the results of using Call Recorder

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