Учим буквы весело!

Учим буквы весело!
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"Learning letters fun" Developing the application offers the most intelligent kids to get acquainted with Russian alphabet.
It will help your child easily and with interest to learn the alphabet and teach make small words.

"Learning letters fun" – is:
• Funny characters!
• funny animations!
• Funny poems!
• Interesting job!
• Playing and studying letters!
• Merry ABC!
• Russian alphabet!
• Learn to read!
• Smart Coloring!
• No ads!

The application is divided into 3 blocks.
All levels voiced announcer and jobs take the form of an interesting game.

In the first block toddler learning game acquainted with the letters from A to Z.

Each letter is presented in such a way that the child easily learns her. This will help him vivid animated illustrations and voiced announcer poem. Paintings "come alive" when you click on them. We learn the alphabet with funny animals.

The second bloc of developing games is made up of exercises to consolidate the knowledge acquired. For example, the baby opens up a couple of letters and images, starting with this letter. The following assignments are shown pictures and letters that need to think and find the right. There is also a developmental task for drawing up words from the letters examined.

The third block of children's games coloring added smart with familiar characters. Each picture you need to paint, using the letters of the Russian alphabet. Try it yourself to play this exciting game together with your child.

Due to the fact that we are together with you and your child in the form of fascinating games teach letters, learn to read, learn words, preparing a child for school, your baby is developing spatial visualization ability, attention, fine motor skills.

Educational game "Learning letters of fun!" designed for children of preschool age.

In the development of developing applications, we take into account the recommendations of teachers of preschool education and speech therapy. In the settings you can manually switch the pronunciation of letters to sounds for ease of reading instruction. Nevertheless, we believe that children need to know how to correctly pronounce all the letters of the Russian alphabet.

We love children, so do write good poems and draw funny pictures.
We have the most professional speaker!
We thank you for choosing our game!
Thank you for your kind feedback!

If suddenly you have any comments, please write to us at the email support@catdonut.com, and we will get back to you!

The game's music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com).
Game in Russian.

We are open for all your wishes! Write your suggestions on support@catdonut.com.