Deep Time Walk – Earth History

Deep Time Walk – Earth History

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**Winner of the Best Mobile App Design Award, Summer 2017**
**Nominated for the Ted Hughes Award 2017**

Deep Time Walk is a 4.6km interactive audio experience telling a big history of the Earth. This unfolding takes you from 4,600,000,000 years ago (4,600 Million Years Ago) to the present day, with each metre walked representing 1 million years.

Key features:-
– Walk through time as the pedometer tracks how far and fast you walk, adjusting the audio experience accordingly.
– Learn key concepts about Earth's formation and big history using the latest geoscience and a time-contextual glossary.
– Experience Deep Time and gain perspective of the immense age of Earth as you walk across geological time.
– Discover when humans evolved and your place within Deep Time.
– A Mobility Assist Mode is available for those unable to walk.

During the dramatised walk you learn how our planet evolved over this vast span of geological time, including the accretion of the Earth from a disc of rocky debris, the formation of the oceans and atmosphere, the appearance of first life – bacteria, then the first nucleated cells, multicellular organisms and finally us.

The experience combines science with humanities to help you understand our common evolutionary history with all life, how very ancient our planet is and the geological impact of humanity. We hope it gives a sense of awe and wonder for our beautiful home and inspires care and reverence.

About the Deep Time Walk
This walking audio book can be done anywhere in the world and will last between 90-120 minutes. You are able to break this walk into multiple outings if you wish.

The script for the walk was co-written by Dr. Stephan Harding (a close collaborator with James Lovelock) and Peter Oswald (ex playwright-in-residence at Shakespeare Globe, London), with the audio production led by a team that work with the BBC.

Deep Time Walk C.I.C. is a social enterprise based in the UK and profits from the sale of this app will fund scholarships for students to study at Schumacher College – a charity dedicated to transformative education.

The Deep Time Walk won the platinum award in the Best Mobile App Awards – 2017 Summer Awards – Best Designed Mobile App Interface